How to sleep tight at night?

I just got fired from my job because of getting late every day. And you know the reason behind this?

It’s my sleep. So many of us are suffering from lack of sleep, or irregular sleep pattern, or even, some are become insomniac.

In this modern era, sleeplessness has become a global issue, and according to research, every 4th person is suffering from it.


Now, there can be a lot of reason behind it. But, here we will tell you: how to sleep tight at night.


How to sleep tight at night?

Sleep plays an essential role in our lives, it allows our body to recover completely from all kinds of fatigues and tension. It is part of our biological clock, and circadian rhythm.


A good sleep of 7-8 hours will refresh our body and mind. And it helps us in performing different task of daily life. Whether it is physical or mental, sleep is necessary for both types of health. And without a night of proper sleep, one cannot be able to live a happy and healthy life.


First, if we talk about scientifically when we sleep, our brain works differently, our heartbeat slows down, our body temperature reduces, and our body goes into a resting mode.


All these things are part of our circadian rhythm. And hormones like tryptophan and melatonin control our sleeping pattern. And while sleeping we go through three stages.


And other than that, few external things also matter in your sleep. Thing like your bedroom, your environment, and most importantly your current situation of your brain.


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A healthy environment; whether it is external or internal is quite necessary for a good sleep. A depressed mind or a mind full of worries can’t have a good sleep. So before going to your bed, it is very important to clear your head from all sorts of tensions.


An irregular sleep, or lack of sleep not only affects your daily routine, but it will also disturb your health and your diet.

Remember, our bodywork according to circadian rhythm, and sleep is a part of that. Without sleep the cycle of 24 hours cannot be completed, hence it will affect your all other activities.


Tips for sleeping tight at night.


  • Exercise: an exercise is a fundamental tool for a healthy life. Keep in mind that without exercise one cannot survive for a longer period. And in the case of sleeping exercise plays an important role. Even a light exercise will relax your body and restore your mind, so you can have a good sleep.
  • Bedtime schedule: it is very important to have a proper schedule for each and everything in life. Time management is very important in all aspects of life. So make a fixed time, and go to your bed at the same time every day. After few weeks your body will be used to it and you will have a good sleep.
  • Don’t drink too much caffeine: things like caffeine are you to make your body more active, it will enhance your neurotransmitters and allows your brain to work sharply. So avoid taking and sort of caffeine after evening.