Internet vs. WWW: What You Should Know!

Many people assume that the web and therefore the world wide web is the identical issue. Whereas they’re firmly joined, they’re wholly different systems.


What is the world wide web?

The internet could be an extensive network of computers all connected along. the worldwide internet (‘www’ or ‘web’ for short) could be an assortment of web-pages found on this network of computers. Your application program uses the web to access the internet.


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The Internet is the physical network of networks, and so on. The devices connected to your home router is referred to as because of the part of the native space network (LAN). Similarly, if a system expands across your town, it might be referred to as the Metropolitan space Network (MAN). The Wide space Network (WAN) will have its reach across the full nation, or perhaps overseas. (I am going to be writing a close article on a computer network, MAN, and WAN in future)


In a shell, AN uncountable variety of tiny, medium, and large-sized networks contribute towards an enormous system referred to as the web. It consists of different end-user devices, routers, switches, knowledge servers, etc. Special underwater cables are arranged across countries and continents to create the web a world issue.


How did the net begin?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

In 1989 the WWW was fictitious by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He was attempting to search out a brand new manner for scientists to share the information from their experiments.


Hypertext and therefore the internet already existed at this time. However, nobody had thought of some way to use the web to link one document on to another.


Three main technologies

Tim instructed three main techniques that meant all computers might perceive one another (HTML, address, and HTTP). All of those stay in use these days.

He conjointly created the world’s initial application program and internet server. You’ll still see pages from the primary internet server online.


Why is that the internet therefore important?

The worldwide web unfolded the web to everybody, not merely scientists. It connected the planet in an exceeding manner that wasn’t attainable before and created it a lot of more accessible for individuals to induce info, share and communicate.It allowed individuals to share their work and thoughts through social networking sites, blogs, and video sharing.


Evolution of the worldwide internet

The web has modified lots since it had been initially created. The first websites were created from straightforward pages of just words and photos, a small amount like online books or magazines. Most of the people couldn’t produce their webpages. Back then, to create a webpage you had to jot down hypertext markup language code by hand.


Web 2.0

As the internet began to develop, individuals started a human activity and sharing additional. They used social network sites and blogs. It became a lot of more natural to make your content on the net and to share it.

Although the manner individuals use the net has modified, the technologies haven’t. Several of the techniques that ran the original webpages are still in use these days.


The modern internet

The web remains ever-changing these days. Search engines became higher at reading, understanding and process info. they need found clever ways in which to search out the content we would like and may even show US different things that may interest us.

Illustration to point out an application program webpage editor. With web 2.0 it became a lot of more natural to make your web site and share your content on the net.


Who owns the web?

No one owns the net. It had been created by the pc mortal Tim-Berners Lee in 1989 whereas functioning at CERN. He conjointly crystal rectifier the muse of the planet Wide internet syndicate (W3C) that takes care of the event of the net. Lee is the current director of the company.


What regarding different mediums of conversation?

Talking is a technique of exchanging info. However, there are different means of moreover.